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Up until now the relationship between e-commerce and the real-world has been a strained one at best. Only a few years ago, eager dot com companies sold us on the image of a future where every purchase made would effortlessly take place online. However, practicality took over when consumers and businesses alike realized that they were sacrificing customer service for the lure of lower pricing. eCustomers faced sales representatives untrained in the application of the products offered, and were forced to make decisions beyond the scope of their knowledge.

The launch of eMazzanti Technologies Product Central effectively bridges the gap between e-commerce and real-world purchasing. With over 100,000 technology products in its reach, the new e-commerce site forms a more perfect union between the two by integrating the firm’s network consulting services and product sales into one process. The site empowers clients to track their IT spending to maintain their budgets, simplify their procurement procedures, and compare products side-by-side. In all, eMazzanti Product Central creates a transparent progression where the client can see the solution from start to finish.

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