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POS Systems

eMazzanti merchant services allow omni-channel merchants to simultaneously accept payments via a variety of methods. Merchants can have accounts integrated with their website shopping cart, their retail swipe software on a laptop, their iPhone payment app and their integrated POS system, all running transactions at the same time in different locations. All of the transaction information for these different payment methods are searchable and reportable in one place in real time, which makes reconciling transactions easy and convenient.

“In today’s omni-channel retail environment, merchants must stay competitive by offering customers multiple shopping and payment methods,” stated Mazzanti. “Having the right systems in place will create a seamless multi-channel customer experience with none of the headaches for the retailer.” eMazzanti Technologies is well-prepared to upgrade retailers to the latest POS solutions to help them protect their customer’s personal and financial information. Businesses can be confident in migrating to the new EMV card security technology by taking advantage of eMazzanti’s trained and certified retail POS and PCI compliance experts.

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